Coffee with Cops 2018

Coffee with Cops is an event hosted by the Coalition of International Students in partnership with the Tempe Police Department, Arizona State University Police Department and the ASU Dean of Students office. This event brings police officers and the community members they serve together–over coffee–to discuss issues and to learn more about each other. Community members get an opportunity to ask officer questions face to face. The event which was open for the community and public was held at 12fifty5 on University Apartments and Desert Palm Village.

The event was broken up into 3 main sections. The first section focused on clarifying that Police officers in the U.S. are approachable and ways to approach them. The second thing on the agenda was personal safety on campus and when travelling out of state. Lastly, the floor was opened for participants to ask questions to the police.

You can live better after you getting to know more rules, we encourage you to join this event and hope to s…

My name is Shiyu Hu, and I'm a CIS Member

As the saying goes "third time's a charm", that was exactly what Shiyu Hu was hoping for after two failed attempts in the standardized English examination needed for a US University application. She did manage to succeed in her third attempt and she is now on her final semester at ASU. Hu came to ASU through a special 3+1+1 program between ASU and Nanjing Audit University that allowed her to complete her senior year of college and continue on to a Master program at ASU's WP Carey School of Business.

Hu, a first generation college student is currently working on her Master's degree in Accountancy and her decision to study abroad in the U.S. was because of the conversations she had with American professors in China that America is a desirable place to attain a graduate degree. Adding that she love numbers and that having a Master's degree will qualify her to take the Charter Public Accountants (CPA) exam. When Hu first arrived in Tempe in Fall '16 she noti…

My name is Ye Chen, and I'm a CIS Member

I first met Ye Chen (Cherie) during the Fall '17 international student orientation where she was serving as a Global Guide to welcome new international students to ASU. The brief conversation I had with Chen ended up with me recommending her to join CIS. She cared a lot about the welfare of international students and spoke English exceptionally well for a foreign student. Chen ended up joining our Fall 2017 cohort and worked on contacting vendors for food to be served during our Signature event, International Night.

In what she is calling the turning point of a her life, Chen credits ASU for the experience she gained when she was an exchange student. Chen did her undergrad in Hunan University as a Finance student but her year long exchange program at ASU opened her eyes to a new future she never thought of while she was in China. After receiving her degree in Finance, she made the decision to pursue a Masters degree in Higher Education. She describes her choice to take on this ch…

My name is Che-Jui Huang, and I'm a CIS Member

Missing out the recruitment period did not stop Che-Jui Huang from missing out on CIS activities. He spent his freshman year serving as a volunteer for CIS and in the subsequent semester he officially became as CIS member and has never left since then. Huang is currently the most 'senior' member at CIS and says that volunteering for CIS has helped him open his eyes to see the diversity at ASU. He was surprised to find out there were so many international students at ASU.

Growing up in Taipei was tough for Huang as he describes the education system as "everyone is so competitive". On the surface, high school is a Monday to Friday affair from 7am to 11pm. But the reality is that, while classes do not run through the weekends, he faces the pressure to study more in order to get better grades. Additionally, the learning environment is stressful for him as he was also battling a medical condition from his childhood. Comparing to his experience at ASU he says that the Ame…

My name is Siddhant Srivastava, and I'm a CIS Member

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to become CIS members but for Siddhant Srivastava it was because he heard ex-President Jiayi Lew say during the Faces of ASU talk that "CIS members are cool people". So he decided to join the cool people. Srivastava first arrived in the U.S. on August 2017 to begin his Masters program in Mechanical Engineering at ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. His decision to further his studies at ASU was mainly because of the weather and the affordable tuition compared to his other options. Adding to that, Srivastava says he has extended family living in Scottsdale.

Srivastava grew up in India's westernmost state Gujarat where people are known to be pretty religious. And their family primarily has chicken and seafood as their main source of protein. When asked about the difference in environment from where he grew up in relation to Tempe, he responded by saying "people here speak English". He added that despite En…

My name is Tuan Pham, and I'm a CIS Member

"I am going to be successful", said Tuan Pham when asked about where he sees himself 10 years down the road. Pham is one of the many members recruited during the Fall 2017 CIS recruitement. He has been at ASU since Fall '15 and is currently working hard on a Finance degree with a minor in real estate and a certificate in Business Data Analytics all in ASU's WP Carey School of Business. "I like counting money and doing investment" says Pham adding to why he is targeting these degrees while at ASU.
Before arriving to the U.S. in 2014, Pham did his high school in Russia. His parents emigrated from Vietnam and raised him up in Moscow. Pham has spent 17 years in Moscow but he does go back to Vietnam during summer to visit his extended family. Despite spending the majority of his childhood in Russia, Pham sees himself as a Vietnamese more than a Russian. I was asking in the context of his viewpoint as a Vietnamese individual as to why he spent most of his time i…